25/11/06 Nordic Open Show Miss J Startup Any Variety Puppy 1st
03/12/06 Otley Open Show Ms B Simpson Puppy 3rd
09/12/06 LKA Championship Show Mrs S Robinson Puppy Dog Reserve
17/12/06 Chesterfield CA Open Show Ms S Ellis Puppy 2nd
27/12/06 Sleaford & Dist. Open Show Dr Ronald James Puppy 2nd


13/01/07 Huddersfield Open Show Mr John Yates Puppy 1st/Best Puppy
        Reserve Best of Breed
        Puppy Working Group 4
21/04/07 W&P Breeds of Wales Ch. Mr G Mitchell Puppy Dog Reserve
10/05/07 Birmingham National Ch. Mme J Al-Haddad Puppy Dog 2nd
18/05/07 Scottish Kennel Club Ch. Mr SW Hall Puppy Dog 3rd
20/05/07 AMCUK Open Show Mr Steve Myring Puppy Dog 3rd
24/06/07 Blackpool Champ Show Mr S Luxmoore Junior Dog 1st
11/07/07 Paignton Championship Show Mrs C John Junior Dog Reserve
14/07/07 National W&P Breeds Ch. Mr F Kane Junior Dog 1st
23/07/07 Leeds Championship Show Ms Jo Sugden Junior Dog 3rd
18/08/07 Welsh Kennel Club Ch. Mr R Cruden Junior Dog 1st
15/09/07 Darlington Champ Show Mr R James Junior Dog 1st
21/09/07 Driffield Champ Show Mr AP Rees Junior Dog 2nd
29/09/07 AMCUK Champ Show Mrs N Russell (USA) Junior Dog 1st
        Best Junior In Show
07/12/07 LKA Championship Show Mr J Luscott Post Graduate Dog 3rd



08/03/08 Crufts Mrs J Broadberry Yearling Dog 2nd
16/03/08 Otley Open Show Mrs S Jones Post Graduate 2nd
24/03/08 North & South Shields CA Mrs S Robinson Post Graduate 1st/Best of Breed
        Working Group 2
09/05/08 Birmingham National Ch. Mr SJ Mallard Post Graduate Dog 3rd
17/05/08 Scottish Kennel Club Ch. Mr J McManus Yearling Dog 2nd
24/05/08 AMCUK Open Show Mrs S Loades Post Graduate Dog 3rd
    Mrs V Partridge-Bebb Rescue Stakes Open Dog 2nd
22/06/08 Blackpool Champ Show Mr D Smith Post Graduate Dog 1st
12/07/08 National W&P Breeds Ch. Mr J Bispham Post Graduate Dog VHC
26/07/08 Leeds Championship Show Mrs B Banbury Post Graduate Dog Res
13/09/08 Darlington Champ Show Mr R Newhouse Limit Dog Res
18/09/08 Driffield Champ Show Mrs C Chapman Limit Dog 3rd



01/02/09 Pontefract Open Show Miss R Kaye Open 3rd
08/03/09 Crufts Mr SW Hall Limit Dog 1st
31/05/09 AMCUK Open Show Mrs B Greenland Limit Dog VHC
  NW&PBS Championship Show Mr S Luxmoore Limit Dog 3rd
26/09/09 AMCUK Championship Show Mrs J Broadberry Limit Dog VHC



09/05/10 National Championship Show Mrs Sue Smith Limit Dog VHC
21/05/10 Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show Mr Roger Cruden Limit Dog 1st, Best Dog, Dog CC
27/06/10 Blackpool Championship Show Mrs FA Somerfield Limit Dog Res
23/07/10 Leeds Championship Show Mr Robin Newhouse Open Dog VHC
19/09/10 Darlington Championship Show Mrs Erna Britt Nordin Limit Dog 2nd
30/09/10 Driffield Championship Show Mr Hedd Richards Limit Dog 1st
11/12/10 Ladies Kennel Association Ms Sue Ellis Limit Dog 2nd



29/04/11 WELKS Championship Show Mrs Marion Sargent Limit Dog VHC
14/05/11 AMCUK Open Show Miss Nicola Singh Limit Dog VHC
22/05/11 Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show Mr Frank Kane Limit Dog 3rd
11/06/11 Honley Open Show Mrs Irene Rushfirth Open Dog 2nd
19/06/11 Border Union Championship Show Mrs Chris John Limit Dog 2nd
26/06/11 Blackpool Championship Show Mr John Phillips Limit Dog 1st
01/07/11 Windsor Championship Show Mr Richard Kinsey Limit Dog 2nd
09/07/11 East of England Championship Show Mrs Lorraine Manning Limit Dog Res
01/08/11 Paignton Championship Show Mr Simon Luxmoore Limit Dog Res
03/09/11 City of Birmingham Championship Show Mr Jim Broadberry Limit Dog 2nd
17/09/11 Darlington Championship Show Mrs Myrna Shiboleth Limit Dog 1st & Reserve Best Dog
24/09/11 AMCUK Championship Show Mrs Kirsty Terry Open Dog Rescue Stakes 3rd
29/09/11 Driffield Championship Show Mr Bob Gregory Limit Dog VHC
08/10/11 N.E.E. Working & Pastoral Breeds Open Show Ms Janis King Open 1st & Best of Breed



28/01/12 Huddersfield & District CA open show Mr Mark Owen Open 1st & Best Of Breed
        Working Group 1
19/02/12 Ashton Under Lyne Open Show Mr Roger Cruden Open 1st & Best Of Breed
        Working Group 1
10/03/12 CRUFTS Mr Roger Cruden Limit Dog 2nd

Birmingham National Championship Show 2007

Judge: Jannat Al Haddad

PUPPY DOG - Entries 5, Absentees 1

2nd HAWKAM LEADING THE TRAIL Mr & Mrs J Sheehan. 11 months, litter brother to 1. Higher on leg and coat marginally less substantial. Good mover with a good set of rib. Nice tail, same perfect eyes in a more mature head.


Blackpool Championship Show 2007

Judge: Simon Luxmoore

JUNIOR DOG - Entries: 9 Absentees: 1

1st HAWKAM LEADING THE TRAIL Mr & Mrs J Sheehan. Typical young masculine standard fitting head with well set ears and good stop. Well balanced front and rear with a good topline, croup, tail set and carriage. Absolutely sound on the move


National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show 2007

Judge: Frank Kane

JUNIOR DOG - Entries: 10

Good shape and balance. Excellent tail and coat. Excellent head shape and good eye colour. Good rear. Front action a little loose. In excellent coat. Skillfully presented to make a good picture.


Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show 2007

Judge: Roger Cruden

JUNIOR DOG - Entries: 11 Absentees 0

1st Sheehan’s HAWKAM LEADING THE TRAIL – 14 month very promising youngster, well presented and handled.  His head is already masculine but without coarseness and has a good arch of neck.  Well constructed fore, good topline and powerful rear.  Moved easily and without the expected roll of a young dog. 


Driffield Championship Show 2007

Judge: Anthony P Rees

Junior Dog - Entries: 5

Sheehan's HAWKAM LEADING THE TRAIL - A very eye catching dog with a very pretty head. Would like to see a bit more length of leg and not yet using himself correctly on the move.


AMCUK Championship Show 2007

Judge: Nancy Russell (US)

Junior Dog - 15 Entries, Absentees 0

1st HAWKAM LEADING THE TRAIL: This dog had an excellent rear and nice side gait, a lovely head and neck, and excellent coat and good bone.  I would prefer a bit looser tail. BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW

Crufts Championship Show 2009

Judge: Mr SW Hall

Limit Dog - 16 Entries, Absentees 0

A good honest dog, the very reason he won the class, he lacked for nothing and he excelled in nothing. This is what gave him the perfect balance one is looking for, nicely head strong yet not overdone, good expression, just enough neck best of bone and tight feet. Well developed bodily, covered in the thickest of jackets, lovely plumed tail carriage, good firm action throughout, presented in very good order.


Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show 2010

Judge: Mr R Cruden

Limit Dog - 8 Entries, Absentees 1

1. Sheehan – HAWKAM LEADING THE TRAIL VIA AMAQQUT. A worthy winner of the strongest dog class of the day and one I much admired as a junior. 4 year old on the day and presented in great condition, fit and at one with his handler. Strong masculine skull & muzzle, strong neck, well sprung ribs and deep chest. Good bone, strong pasterns and tight feet. Correct topline, tailset and sound rear quarters with strong hocks. Moved powerfully with reach and drive, true coming and going and a pleasure to award him his first CC.


Driffield Championship Show 2010

Judge: Mr Hedd Richards

Limit Dog - 6 Entries, Absentees 1

1. Sheehan - HAWKAM LEADING THE TRAIL VIA AMAQQUT. 4 year old mature male of excellent type. Pleasing head with correct eye and ear set. Enough depth and width of chest. Moderate angulation and effortless movement. Lovely outline on the move.


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